Kathryn Bernardo Talks Hydration as Newest Face of Gatorade Ion

MANILA, Philippines — The risks and dangers of dehydration, especially in a tropical climate such as the Philippines, are all too real—which is why there is a need to highlight the importance of everyday hydration.

Gatorade Ion, takes a step further in promoting this important reminder on hydration to all Filipinos as it officially welcomed popular young, Filipino actress, and host Kathryn Bernardo to its ranks as its newest brand ambassador.

Bernardo is the perfect personality to endorse Gatorade Ion—with her showbiz schedule, hobbies, and interests keeping her busy and regularly exposed to heat all the time, she always needs fluids to make sure she performs her best. Gatorade Ion’s optimal amount of fluids and ions and formula of low sodium, no preservatives, no artificial flavors, and colors are what keeps non-stop go-getters like her hydrated.

“I’m so happy and very honored to be the newest endorser for Gatorade Ion,” said Bernardo in a recent virtual catch-up session announcing her entry as brand ambassador. “I believe hydration is very important for anyone, especially in a warm country like the Philippines where everyone is always on-the-go. Gatorade Ion is the best way to help us avoid the dangers of being dehydrated. It is in citrus quench in flavor, which makes it so refreshing on a hot day. It’s my new favorite go-to drink.”

“We’re really excited to have Kathryn aboard for Gatorade Ion,” said IC Sta. Maria, PepsiCo Philippines Marketing Manager for Hydration. “Regular hydration every day is a must, and with her lifestyle, Kathryn is the ideal person to promote the benefits of staying hydrated.”

The catch-up session, hosted by Bernardo’s good friend and fellow ABS-CBN star Robi Domingo, the 24-year-old box office royalty also shared new activities she had gotten the hang of while getting it through the quarantine such as baking, watching K-dramas, and learning to play the piano.

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