Cartier Presents Ode to Love to Celebrate Family in All its Forms

Brand & Campaigns

GLOBAL RELEASE—In a recently released global campaign, Cartier presents an ode to love in the form of an unparalleled choral film, LOVE IS ALL. The campaign represents the vision of a Maison that celebrates universal and timeless love with an aim to share it in a spirit of delight and generosity.

Filmed between Paris, Los Angeles and Shanghai, LOVE IS ALL is a testament to family in all its forms. It then brings together a number of Friends of the Maison for the first time with an extraordinary cast that includes Ella Balinska, Mariacarla Boscono, Monica Bellucci, Khatia Buniatishvili, Lily Collins, Golshifteh Farahani, Mélanie Laurent, Troye Sivan, Willow Smith, Annabelle Wallis, Jackson Wang, and Maisie Williams.

Willow Smith. Image courtesy of Cartier via SSI Group, Inc.

Maisie Williams. Image courtesy of Cartier via SSI Group, Inc.

Troye Sivan. Image courtesy of Cartier via SSI Group, Inc.

Mélanie Laurent. Image courtesy of Cartier via SSI Group, Inc.

These 12 singular personalities build on each other’s creativity and energy backdropped by a joyous melody, highlighting the importance of cultural and artistic diversity to the vitality of a Maison such as Cartier.

“It’s a part of the Cartier philosophy to believe that we are stronger and more authentic together, and that’s why we have gathered this inspiring community of artists who embrace life with a sense of celebration. Together, they seem to defy gravity through Cartier’s red box, which they have filled with a sense of joy.” – Arnaud Carrez, Senior Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer.

Directed by the young British director and fashion photographer Charlotte Wales, known for her fresh, considered and light-hearted approach, this film reflects what is important to Cartier: the belief that each person’s singularity is enriched by others’, and that these connections reinforce our talents.

It is an unreserved statement of appreciation for the arts and for culture from a Maison that knows we must think outside the box, push boundaries and overcome barriers, and anything else that holds back our lives or our desire to free our hearts.

Monica Bellucci. Image courtesy of Cartier via SSI Group, Inc.

Mariacarla Boscono. Image courtesy of Cartier via SSI Group, Inc.

Lily Collins. Image courtesy of Cartier via SSI Group, Inc.

Ella Balinska. Image courtesy of Cartier via SSI Group, Inc.

LOVE IS ALL also makes use of a significant song choice, a pop melody composed in the ’70s by Roger Glover and Ronnie James Dio. “Everybody’s got to live together”. Cartier’s film shares the universal message behind these warm and joyful lyrics as we celebrate the festive season, the most important time for coming together and celebrating family.

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