Channel Your Main Character Through Head & Shoulders and Experience the Best Year Ever

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MANILA, Philippines—Make 2023 absolutely amazing, but get it off to a great start! Feel 100% confident by being 100% dandruff-free with Head & Shoulders.

If a movie were made on your life, would you play the main character or would you just be another forgettable supporting character? Make sure you’re the main character in your own life story in 2023, meeting new people and visiting new places, delighting in new things, and making the crucial choices. You must feel and look your best in order to succeed. Thankfully, you can count on reliable friends like Head & Shoulders to make you feel in control.

Image courtesy of Head & Shoulders

Image courtesy of Head & Shoulders

Having that main character energy doesn’t always come easily. You have to be on top of things, and be in control of what lies ahead. That, of course, doesn’t come easily if you’re not feeling confident because of small, everyday reasons and distractions that leave you with the feeling of not being in control. Traffic, new deadlines, the itchies—these can easily throw you off.

The good news is you can still radiate main character energy despite all these. Face 2023 by resolving to be in control of your day with #NoITCHuations. Here’s how:

Have a positive mindset

You can only radiate main character energy if you stay positive and see the good in every situation. That means realizing that there are things that are totally in your control, and things that are not. What can’t you control? Traffic, weather, people’s feelings. What can you control? Your time, your plans, and your responses to everyday challenges. Try to see the best in every situation, and think how your presence or action can make even dreary situations turn better. 

Remember your aspirations

When there are too many things happening at the same time, you might forget what you are striving for—whether it’s achieving major dreams or little but nonetheless important wants such as going on vacation, a new outfit, or changing hairstyles. Even when you’re swamped by your schedule and everyday pressures, remember your little goals. Have a list of what these are and make time and plans to make these plans happen.

Turn to trusted solutions and allies for your quick fixes

Face it, you can’t do everything on your own. There will also be hitches and distractions in the course of the day for which you’ll need reliable partners. Take itchies—they can put you in #itchuations that can just make you lose your focus and confidence. Take control by using H&S, the world’s #1 anti-dandruff shampoo brand that can keep you 100% dandruff-free and itch-free for 24 hours.

H&S Cool Menthol offers superior scalp care with each wash, cleaning deeply with a menthol fresh feeling and keeping your hair beautifully moisturized—helping channeling the energy of the main character. It is pH-balanced, antioxidant-enriched, and dermatologist-tested for gentle hair and scalp care. When using H&S, you don’t have to be bothered by dandruff or itchy scalp.

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Get ready to be your life’s main character this 2023 with H&S, your best partner!