Here’s How to Get Your Artwork on a Limited Edition Rum Canister

In its fifth illustrious year, the Philippines’ premium rum favorite Don Papa is launching its Don Papa Rum Art Competition with the theme: Flora & Fauna of Sugarlandia.

In 2015, Don Papa first launched its very own art competition in the Philippines. The goal was to engage the local art community to reimagine the brand’s story and values through an art competition that will exhibit the winner’s design on a limited-edition gift pack.

This competition has produced 4 winning artworks and each artwork has been featured on a limited-edition canister. Over 100,000 units of these special canisters have been sold worldwide.

Since 2012, Don Papa Rum has established its brand of premium rum around the globe and has won awards for its packaging design including a double Gold at the prestigious San Francisco Wine and Spirits Competition.

For its 5th run, Filipino artists are called to design Don Papa Rum’s label inspired by the island of Negros, reimagined as Sugarlandia where the dominant life force is its rich Flora and Fauna. The visual theme draws a magical realism of a lush and fertile land where not only sugar cane thrives but also a diverse ecosystem of plants and animals.

Last year’s winner, Sam Penaso represented by Renaissance Gallery, portrayed Sugarlandia on his work “Botany” using acrylic on a reflective stainless material depicting man’s coexistence with nature. He then received a month-long Artistic Sojourn for a truly immersive experience in art.

This year, the winner shall receive a 4-week Artistic Residence Sojourn in Barcelona to be sponsored by the Bleeding Heart Rum Company, inclusive of roundtrip tickets, accommodation and allowance, and artwork features on social media, newsletters, and other channels of media.

There will also be awards for Artistic Merit Award with a cash prize of Php 50,000 VAT IN, and for People’s Choice Award with Php 15,000 VAT IN—both with a case of Don Papa Rum and features on social media and brand collaterals. The best ten artworks will exhibit their works digitized and mocked up into a canister displayed together with the original artwork for the Don Papa Rum Exhibit at Art Fair Philippines 2020 where the winner will also be announced.

Artwork guidelines:

Painting / Drawing Original compositions on a flat surface using oils, acrylics, watercolors or inks and washes applied by pen or brush are accepted. For dry media, chalk, charcoal, pastels, pencil, or wax crayon.
Photography Photos must be signed and numbered editions on archival papers using inks and emulsions.
Printmaking Only artist handpulled original mono-print, serigraph, lithograph or similar prints in signed and numbered limited editions are allowed. No commercial or reproduction prints are allowed.  
Digital Art Art that is created with the use of a computer program or art that is created by the artists hands, scanned into and is edited using a computer program then printed. Prints must be signed and numbered editions on archival papers using inks and emulsions. Images and elements must be original. No commercial or reproduction of the image are allowed.  
  • Artwork must be apolitical and free of profane language and images, and must not feature any images of pop icons, characters, and images that may infringe on existing intellectual property laws. Bleeding Heart Rum Company and its subsidiaries will not be held liable for any incidents related to this matter.

  • All artwork submitted must be originally designed and produced by the hands of the exhibiting artist. Artists may not submit work purchased in part or in entirety from other artists for resale and submitted as their own
  • Artwork previously submitted in the past Don Papa Art Competitions will not be accepted.

  • Artwork that does not make the Top 10 will be returned to the artist, provided that artist agrees that material will not have any commercial distribution intent after it has been submitted for the competition
  • Bleeding Heart Rum Company reserves the right to either use a section or the entirety of the winning artwork to be used and translated as a limited-edition gift pack.

  • The criteria for judging is based on how Don Papa Rum’s values and attitude are represented in the story of Sugarlandia and its theme.

  • Mandatories:
    • Space for Don Papa Rum Logo
    • Horizontal Landscape format
    • Two-dimensional
    • For paintings and Drawings, acceptable Artwork Size:
      • 4 ft x 6 ft (48 inches x 72 inches)
      • 3 ft x 5 ft (36 inches x 60 inches)
      • 2 ft x 4 ft (24 inches x 48 inches)

Applications are submitted online until December 20, 2019 through this link:

Once the online form has been completed, a confirmation email will be sent as verification of entry. All artists must be represented by a gallery/museum therefore independent artists must temporarily be represented. Artists are only given until January 1-11, 2020 to complete their artwork for submission through a high-resolution photo together with their name, name of artwork, and artistic intent. All entries must be submitted via email to

After getting shortlisted, the artist will be requested to submit a physical version of his/ her artwork to be evaluated prior to the art fair exhibition. Final list of artworks to be displayed at the Philippine Art Fair 2020 will be announced through a confirmation email.