How to Reward Yourself with Max’s ‘Payday Delivery Trio’ & ‘Build-Your-Own Fried Chicken Sandwich’

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MANILA, Philippines – Now, more than ever, we all deserve a little reward for continuing to hustle in these uncertain times. Food, in many ways, allows us to celebrate small victories and reminds us of the priceless moments we still get to share with our loved ones.

Whether you’re working at home or in the office, there’s always a reason to treat yourselves for a job well done with a feast. Take these Max’s favorites with two great promos starting this August, the ‘Payday Delivery Trio’ and ‘Build-Your-Own Fried Chicken Sandwich’!

Available on the usual 15th and 30th payday weekends, ‘Payday Delivery Trio’ is perfect for the celebration of everyday small wins. It’s an exclusive delivery deal featuring Max’s bestselling Sarap-To-The-Bones® Regular Whole Fried Chicken and signature Spicy Tofu for only PHP 1,099. The bundle also includes your choice of Spicy Gambas or Camaron Rebosado, two of Max’s seafood dishes that will make your meal as rewarding as it is.

Plus, experience Sarap-In-A-Box with four Build-Your-Own Fried Chicken Sandwiches. At just PHP 839 for takeout and PHP 923 for delivery, you can assemble Sarap-In-A-Bun sandwiches to your liking with a complete range of ingredients: Max’s savory, juicy, chicken thigh fillets, buttery sesame brioche buns, pickled cucumber slices, shredded cabbage, Max’s house sauce (which is the iconic combination of banana ketchup and Worcestershire sauce), and mayo-garlic sauce.

For a Build-Your-Own experience, follow this step-by-step process:

Place the bottom of the bun on a clean and dry plate.

Add a spoonful (or more) of the mayo-garlic sauce.

Add your preferred amount of shredded cabbage.

Add the chicken, a filleted version of your favorite Sarap-To-The-Bones® Fried Chicken.

Add the house sauce for that classic Max’s taste.

Add the pickled cucumbers. These are good for the eyes but better on this sandwich.

Top it all off with the sesame brioche bun. This soft, buttery bread is best when toasted.

Each ‘Sarap-In-A-Box’ also comes with a side of sweet potato fries. With the mayo-garlic sauce as a dip, it’s definitely a meal that will satisfy you after a long day of hard work.

To order, visit or call 888-79000 (for Metro Manila only) and celebrate your rewards to the Max!

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