The New McCafé Iced Coffee Selections You Never Knew You Needed

Coffee? In this sweltering summer heat? McDonad’s has just unveiled a perfect conversation companion with a refreshing cup of its new McCafé Iced Coffee Selections. Whether you are on a road trip, brainstorming with the group, chillin’ under the sun, or simply just hanging out in your usual tambayan.

More flavors of McDonald’s popular McCafé Iced Coffee are now available in Original, new Sweet Black, and new Milky.

For a delicious and refreshing Iced Coffee that’s slightly sweetened and with milk, have the McCafé Iced Coffee Original. If you prefer a dark and robust coffee with a hint of sweetness, try out the McCafé Iced Coffee Sweet Black. For a milkier and creamier option, the McCafé Iced Coffee Milky is for you!

Customers can even choose to customize their Sweet Black, Original, or Milky McCafé Iced Coffee Selections by adding Vanilla Syrup to their drink.

All McCafé Iced Coffee Selections drinks are now also available in the new Large size, perfect for those looking for a bigger coffee fix!

McCafé Iced Coffee Selections is now available  in all McDonald’s stores nationwide via Dine-In, Drive-Thru, Take Out, and McDelivery using or the McDo PH app.

Usap anywhere with McCafé Iced Coffee and share your experience online by tagging @mcdo_ph on Instagram and Twitter, and visiting McDonald’s Facebook page (